Celebrate the safe arrival into the world of your beautiful little person with a fun and gorgeous Baby Naming or Child Naming ceremony.


What is a Naming Ceremony?

A Naming Ceremony is a non-religious 'christening'-like ceremony that celebrates and recognises the baby or child and their place in the family. It is a way to welcome them and create a fun and meaningful moment in time that the whole family and circle of friends will always remember.


What's involved?

Naming ceremonies are 30-40 minutes long. They include recognition of the child's place within the family - to their parents, grandparents, god parents (or mentors) and others - and stories about what the child means to them, plus beautiful special inclusions such as a tree planting, memory book or wishing tree, commitment ceremony by mentors, and/or many other beautiful and sweet options.




Carolyn's Naming ceremonies are very affordable - beginning at $220 all inclusive!

Let's get started!


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